Representatives of ADA in the monitoring visit to the Office for the Implementation of the Development Programme of the AP Vojvodina

Predstavnici Austrijske razvojne agencije u poseti Službi za realizaciju programa razvojaA delegation of the Austrian Development Agency headed by the component manager for the grant scheme – Milan Polak visited the Office for the Implementation of the Development Programme of the Autonomous Province of Vojvodina today. He talked to the employees of the Office about the results of the “Innovative System for Knowledge and Skills Improvement – Knowledge to Everyone” project. Through these visits, the Austrian Development Agency provides support and help in the realization of the projects funded by the Grant Scheme of the EU IPA programme – “Socio-economic Development of the Danube Region in Serbia” and the “Knowledge to Everyone” project is one of such projects.

Predstavnici Austrijske razvojne agencije, direktorka Službe za realizaciju programa razvoja u kretivnoj radionici koju je osnovala polaznica obuke za preduzetništvo i inovacije projekta „Znanje svima”As the project is soon to be completed, one of the topics discussed in the meeting was the final report. In order to see the results on site, the delegation members visited a shop opened by one of the trainees who attended the course in entrepreneurship and innovations. Upon completing the training and making her business plan, she applied for the funding provided by the Provincial Secretariat for Economy, Employment and Gender Equality and opened a shop where she makes crafts and art objects. She recounted how she started her own business, what the good and bad sides of self-employment are, what difficulties she has encountered, and what ideas she has for overcoming the obstacles and surviving on the market.   

Novi Sad, 2nd June 2015

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