The “Knowledge to Everyone” project presented at the press conference marking the third anniversary of the work of the “Educational Training Centre for Professional and Working Skills”

The “Innovative System for Knowledge and Skills Improvement – Knowledge to Everyone” project was presented at the press conference marking the third anniversary of the work of the “Educational Training Centre for Professional and Working Skills”, one of the partners in this project. From March 2014 to February this year, the training courses, which are a part of “Knowledge to Everyone” project, were held at the “Educational Training Centre”. These courses were designed for all unemployed persons who were interested in additional training and retraining in order to find employment more quickly and easily. The unemployed persons had an opportunity to attend the English and German language courses, courses in marketing, management and business in tourism, entrepreneurship and innovations as well as the courses for cooks, bakers and confectioners.

Other projects funded by the European Union which contributed to the development of the Educational Training Centre were also mentioned at the conference. On the other hand, the realization of these projects would not have been possible if it had not been for the Educational Training Centre. The director of the Office for the Implementation of the Development Programme of the Autonomous Province of Vojvodina, Dijana Benka Rosić pointed out that all the projects which have been realized, as well as the ongoing ones, have had a significant influence on the improvement of the work of the Educational Training Centre, as well as on the improvement of the structure and the quality of the training courses held there.

Educational Training Centre for Professional and Working Skills was founded in 2012, with funding provided by the Austrian Development Agency, European Union, and with a significant contribution of the Government of the Autonomous Province of Vojvodina, which is the founder of this institution. The main activity of this institution is to provide professional education and additional training for unemployed persons so that they could find employment more easily. Also, Educational Training Centre encourages entrepreneurial development, providing the support for the trainees of the courses if they decide to start their own business. The director of the Educational Training Centre for Professional and Working Skills – Budislav Medurić said that this institution is financed partially by the AP Vojvodina, partially through their own resources, and one part comes from the projects in which the institution participates as a partner.

The mission of the Educational Training Centre is harmonization of the competence of the unemployed persons registered at the National Employment Service with the market needs, i.e. with the employers’ requirements. We tend to connect the trainees directly with the employers so that they could talk about employment prospects – Medurić said. He also added that the training courses are designed to include metal and construction industries, catering, gastronomy, foreign languages and information technologies, as well as services such as hairdresser, manicure and pedicure.

The Vice-President of the Government of AP Vojvodina and the Provincial Secretary for Economy, Employment and Gender Equality – Miroslav Vasin said that during the past year the number of the unemployed persons has decreased for 27 000 people compared to the end of 2013. The influence of AP Vojvodina’s activities accounts for approximately 60%. In other words, about 15 000 unemployed persons come from the territory of Vojvodina. Educational Training Centre has significantly contributed to this result since many of these people found employment after attending training courses in this institution – Vasin said.

Novi Sad, 27th May 2015

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